I ❤️ VR

I’ve been studying VR development for a few months now. As I advance in the course I’m having to choose a specialisation. I’m more interested in high immersion VR, like the stuff seen in the below video. Unfortunately, the cost of a VR setup is around $5k, which is quite prohibitive.
One of the challenges of online study over a more traditional on-campus model is having access to gear. Lucky for me I’ve managed to get some loaner hardware from my local public library. I couldn’t be more grateful as I couldn’t do this without their support. More on this later.

Siri 🤖

I’ve just been reading this really interesting post on the possibility of a vastly improved Siri.

It’s funny how even Apple fans get into a panic whenever a competitor brings out something fancy. I don’t see much value in speculating on this stuff. Apple has never been open about their plans. It’s better to complain about public things that are actually weak (I’m looking at you iCloud), not stuff that might be going wrong, maybe, someday.

I’m hoping some cool stuff is in the pipeline. As much as I worry at times Apple might be dropping the ball, for the most part, they’ve not let anyone down in recent history.

I’m excited at the possibilities of WWDC 2016, but I also seriously doubt anyone’s socks will be blown off… unless Siraacusa gets his filesystem of course.