• Ternary! ☘️

    Ternary! ☘️

    If you find yourself with a conditional in the form on an if else, there’s a more concise way of writing it. Say hello to a ternary. Take this code: Simple enough, but using a ternary we can do even better: So…

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  • Mutation === 💩

    Mutation === 💩

    One of the many things I’ve picked up from the excellent Syntax podcast over the years is mutation should be avoided. Today a came across a great example of this with the reverse array method. I had some code that looked something…

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  • Protecting myself from myself 🔒

    Protecting myself from myself 🔒

    Being the lone developer on a personal project makes it really easy to do sloppy things. For example, doing undisciplined things with my git repo, like just working in the master branch (I really need to change that to main) and pushing…

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  • Taking the month off

    Taking the month off

    After I completed the full stack web dev boot camp (see my final project code) I decided to give myself a month off studying software development to explore a few other interests. I’d always kicked around the idea of doing some electronics,…

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  • Sponsor me!

    Did you know you can sponsor my study and contributions to open source projects? If I had my way that’s how I’d spend all my professionally time, but a dude’s got to eat right?! Any funds raised will go directly towards covering…

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  • MongoDB and macOS Catalina

    Like a good Apple nerd, I updated to the latest version of macOS Catalina. If you’re using older 32bit apps Catalina won’t run them. Thankfully, I wasn’t in that position, so I didn’t anticipate any issues. So young so innocent. As it…

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  • Coding on a plane… on an iPad

    Coding on a plane… on an iPad

    The project In my ongoing efforts to up my development game, I’m currently working on learning how to create an app that has user authentication. Adding authentication to the web app is completely new to me and as always, I’m time constrained.…

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  • Traversing folders

    Traversing folders

    I always manage to forget the syntax for traversing folders. So for the recorded, this is how it’s done: / means drop back to the root folder then traverse from there. For example <img src=”/assets/images/banana.jpg” alt=”banana”> the images folder is at the root level…

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  • RESTful Routes

    RESTful Routes

    What are REST, Routes, CRUD? Representation State Transfer or REST is a pattern/convention for defining our routes. Routes are the code that listens and receives requests then figures out what to send back. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These…

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