• Constantly letting down my variables

    Constantly letting down my variables

    As it turns out I’ve been doing everything wrong. Well, maybe not everything, but at the very least I’ve been declaring variables incorrectly. There are actually three different variable types in JavaScript, var, let, and const. I’ve been using var exclusively and…

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  • Flow


    Getting into a flow state is super helpful when you’re trying to get some coding done. Whenever I’m working on a course exercise or side project I find a few things in my daily routine really help focus my mind: Keeping my…

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  • How to write modern JS

    How to write modern JS

    So you’re learning JavaScript (JS), cool. Putting all this effort in, you’ll want to be learning the modern usage of the language right? Time to get strict. “use strict” is something I recently stumbled across, and it seems like a really important…

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  • I made a thing: To-do list

    I made a thing: To-do list

    Yep, I made another thing in JavaScript for the course I’m doing. This one’s a bit more basic, but really it’s more of cutting my teeth with jQuery sort of project rather than something anyone would actually use. It’s a very simple…

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  • Pastebot


    The more time I spend coding the more time I find myself researching solutions to workflow problems I’ve never had before. Copy and paste is a good example of this. Sharpening my coding skills I find myself copying and pasting a lot…

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  • on() click()

    on() click()

    Today I learned the difference between the on(“click”) and click() methods in jQuery. click() only adds listeners for existing elements, so it will completely ignore any dynamically added items. So, in the example below only the <li> declared in the HTML file…

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  • VS Code

    VS Code

    Recent reading leads me to think my text editor of choice (Atom) might not be the best solution for my current needs. To that end, I’m downloading VS Code just to see what all the fuss is about. The number one thing…

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  • What is the state of JavaScript?

    What is the state of JavaScript?

    This JavaScript thing is really catching on eh? As the name suggests, “the state of JavaScript” survey gives a snapshot view of JavaScript development. What everyone (over 20,000 developers anyway) is using and enjoying or otherwise. It also gives a general sense of…

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  • Pigs in namespaaaace

    Pigs in namespaaaace

    When you’re working on a JavaScript (JS) app you’ll create loads of functions and variables. By default in JS, there is no namespacing so everything you declare is effectively in the global namespace. This can lead to issues where two or more…

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