• Installing MongoDB on macOS

    Installing MongoDB on macOS

    The course I’m doing uses Cloud 9 (C9) as cloud-based IDE. I’ve basically ignored that side of things and done everything locally on my Mac as that feels more real world to me. Turns out this was a good decision as C9…

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  • YelpCamp


    I’ve now reached a turning point in my web dev course. This morning I started writing code on my first meaty project, YelpCamp. As the name implies the YelpCamp project is Yelp but for campsites. The idea isn’t to release this as…

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  • JSON


    I’ve worked with JSON data before when I was learning Swift and iOS development. At the time I didn’t really know much of JavaScript or its object syntax. Back then, I made my version of a weather app call “Clima“. That app…

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  • A battle for the ages

    A battle for the ages

    Spaces vs tabs is a hilarious holy war that doesn’t really matter but I do find amusing. Modern text editors normalise differences on a project anyway, but I do love these ideological battles. The video below covers it better than I ever…

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  • Express snippets

    Express snippets

    Since I’m playing with Express at the moment I’ve updated my collection of snippets to include a few things I seem to be doing regularly: Express setup I use the shortcut “myExpressSetup” to kick off all my new Express projects. It has…

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  • NPM and a Demon

    NPM and a Demon

    So learning node.js has been really interesting so far, I’m quite taken by it. It’s great being able to transfer my JavaScript skills from frontend to backend. One of the things I’m enjoying most about it is NPM. By their own definition:…

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  • The three stages of developer growth

    The three stages of developer growth

    Today I happened across a great Quora post by Andreas Blixt. In the post, Andreas outlines the three stages of developer growth: The novice hacker“This code sure is ugly and I don’t quite understand why it works, but here it is!”A developer…

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  • How much time should I spend a day learning to code?

    How much time should I spend a day learning to code?

    This is the question I asked myself when I first started learning (well relearning really) to code a while back. Obviously I Googled this and found some really interesting answers, but generally speaking, the common wisdom is about 4 hours a day.…

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  • I made a thing: Aroha generator

    I made a thing: Aroha generator

    So I made another thing. The only reason I’m really even talking about it is because what’s going on in Christchurch is so awful I can hardly bear it. Making new things (even simple things like this) is a good distraction. So…

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