• Atom snippets

    Atom snippets

    One of the things I love about modern text editors is code snippets. Coding tends to involve repetition, code snippets can really help cut down on needless typing. I group all my code snippets by prefixing them with “my”. That way to…

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  • Selection


    One thing I notice about jQuery is how it simplifies common tasks. A good example is something you do all the time with JavaScript, select DOM elements. In JavaScript selecting all li elements would look something like this: The same selection using…

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  • Survey says

    Survey says

    Today I was reading the 2018 stack overflow developer survey and boy was it an interesting read. There are loads of insights into the current state of software development. For example, JavaScript continues to grow in dominance. If you’re working on the…

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  • Emmet!


    Whatever your text editor of choice (I just can’t quit you Atom) there is a wide range of plugins to enhance its capabilities. One such plugin that I use constantly is Emmet. Emmet can be used for a number of things, but…

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  • Hex


    Just a quick post to say I’ve updated the colour game with a new mode, Hex colours. To enable different modes I’ve changed a little bit of the UI. So the difficulty is now a dropdown making room for a matching mode…

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  • jQuery


    What is jQuery? jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify front end web development. It is the most widely deployed JavaScript library by an insanely large margin. Why use jQuery There are quite a few reasons you’d want to use jQuery,…

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  • Halfwa​​y


    Just now I’ve put the finishing touches on “The Great RGB Colour Game” thereby passing the halfway point of my web dev bootcamp. You can take a look at the code on GitHub. So far the course has covered HTML, CSS, Bootstrap…

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  • RGB Colour Game UI update

    RGB Colour Game UI update

    Tonight I got a bit of time to work on a new version of RGB colour game. This time I focused mostly on UI improvements so the game looks a little nicer than the first release. I’m particularly fond of the subtle…

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  • Maintaining an open-source project

    Maintaining an open-source project

    This morning I read a short article on the maintainer of GitHub desktop, William Shepherd. For some reason, I kept seeing the article everywhere so eventually I surrendered to it. The post had a number of good points but the highlight for…

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