Playing with the DOM is all about adding interactivity to your page. The DOM (Document Object Model) is the interface between your JavaScript and your HTML+CSS. The browser takes all the elements of your page and turns it into a JavaScript object. All the elements of the DOM for your page are contained in the […]

DRY variables

The concept of DRY code is simple, Don’t Repeat Yourself. So if you look at some code you’ve just written and notice it’s looking a bit moist, AKA the same stuff repeating over and over, there’s a good chance it’s an opportunity to refactor. This is also true with variable declaration. Take the this example: […]

Equals vs equals

In JavaScript not all comparisons are created equal… see what I did there. Let’s say we’re comparing two values like this: The use of “==“ will compare two values regardless of their type, so in this example, it will return “The meaning of life is 42”. Used correctly this can be fine of course, but […]