Augmented reality 📲

Ever since Pokemon Go, AR seems to have worked its way into the “parlance of our time“. Truth be told we’ve actually had loads of examples of AR apps for years now, just not combined with a cultural phenomenon like Pokemon.

I think it’s fair to say it’s highly likely there’s about to be a bit of an explosion in AR apps, at least on iOS. With the release of ARkit to developers and very impressive demos from both Weta and Apple on what can be done, it’s not difficult to imagine a new wave of apps in the works from third party developers.

In fact just oneish week out from ARkit’s beta release, developers are already starting to show some impressive progress playing with the tech. Take a look:






3 responses to “Augmented reality 📲”

  1. This has the potential to get Hololens type AR functionality out to millions of people extremely quickly. Very interesting to see where to it all goes.

    I think the first AR app I saw was simply using the GPS and accelerometer to overlay points of interest onto what the camera could see. Very rudimentary compared to this plane-detection & scaling that is happening now. Exciting!

  2. […] an increasing number of non-game apps surfacing. Many of these are a result of Apples ARkit being available in beta to developers. The one that jumped out to me recently was an augmented […]

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