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  • Ternary! ☘️

    Ternary! ☘️

    If you find yourself with a conditional in the form on an if else, there’s a more concise way of writing it. Say hello to a ternary. Take this code: Simple enough, but using a ternary we can do even better: So how’s this thing structured? Basically, we start with the item we are checking…

  • Mutation === 💩

    Mutation === 💩

    One of the many things I’ve picked up from the excellent Syntax podcast over the years is mutation should be avoided. Today a came across a great example of this with the reverse array method. I had some code that looked something like this: To my surprise the resulting output of the console logging was…

  • Coding on a plane… on an iPad

    Coding on a plane… on an iPad

    The project In my ongoing efforts to up my development game, I’m currently working on learning how to create an app that has user authentication. Adding authentication to the web app is completely new to me and as always, I’m time constrained. So, when I found myself in a plane on the runway for over…

  • How much time should I spend a day learning to code?

    How much time should I spend a day learning to code?

    This is the question I asked myself when I first started learning (well relearning really) to code a while back. Obviously I Googled this and found some really interesting answers, but generally speaking, the common wisdom is about 4 hours a day. I call bullshit on this. In my experience (and your mileage may vary)…

  • Github Learning Lab🔬

    Github Learning Lab🔬

    I’ve been using GitHub for a while now as part of my spelunking into the world of VR and Mobile development. I think it’s fair to say it’s done a great job of protecting me from the inevitable mistakes of learning something new. Having said that, it does take a while to get your head…

  • How to: Setup CocoaPods in Xcode

    How to: Setup CocoaPods in Xcode

    Hey, guess what? I’m learning iOS development and have been for months! Thought I might increase my rate of publishing to my blog if I did what I did for my VR course and posted study related stuff here. So to that end… Here’s a simple step by step guide for adding CocoaPods to your iOS…

  • Udacity VR Nano degree retrospective ⏳

    Udacity VR Nano degree retrospective ⏳

    When I started my Udacity VR Nano degree I knew I was in for a challenge. Now that I’ve successfully completed my final assignment I thought I’d share some lessons learnt. So in no particular order:

  • Done: Night at the museum ☑️

    Done: Night at the museum ☑️

    I’ve been AFK for a while (holiday) so I just wanted to post the details of the final version of “night at the museum” I finished a few weeks ago that I delivered as part of my Udacity VR course. The project went well (in that I passed) but I have to admit it was…

  • Storytelling​ in VR 📖

    Storytelling​ in VR 📖

    It’s hard to not have “all the feels” watching the above video (Ideally in VR if you’ve got a cardboard headset). The creators have done such an amazing job of crafting a great story with some seriously well thought out VR technique. For example transitions/cuts within a 360 video like this can be very jarring, and require…