Making a podcast

Making a podcast

News flash, I’m working on a podcast. Maybe even more than one.

I’ve always loved podcasts and have been listening to them for as long as I can remember. I’ve been kicking around the idea of creating my own show for years, so when a friend of mine suggested we do one together, I was immediately interested.

We’ve had many ups and downs, using many different mics, locations, software tools etc to get the quality as high as we can reasonably afford without a full-on studio. I’m planning to do a few posts about the process of pulling this all together. It’s been quite a journey and I feel it would be hugely valuable to anyone wanting to kick off an in-person show.

Something that really surprised me was how an in-person show is actually more complicated to get good results than the remote recording most shows seem to do. There seems to be a large amount of good content on creating shows via Skype, which is really useful, but I’m hoping to share what we’ve learned recording face to face.

Topics I’ll cover include:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Environment and technique
  • Distribution

If you’re keen to get going and want some good resources now, I’d suggest looking at Jason Snell’s excellent podcasting articles over at Six Colors, Marco Arment’sPodcasting Microphone Mega-Review” and Dan Benjamin’sPodcast Method“.

We’re still not quite there with our show, but we are getting better at it every time we record. Best of all we are having fun doing it, which is really the most important thing.

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