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  • Halfwa​​y


    Just now I’ve put the finishing touches on “The Great RGB Colour Game” thereby passing the halfway point of my web dev bootcamp. You can take a look at the code on GitHub. So far the course has covered HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3 and 4, and my personal favourite so far, JavaScript. JavaScript really seems […]

  • RGB Colour Game UI update

    RGB colour game updated UI

    Tonight I got a bit of time to work on a new version of RGB colour game. This time I focused mostly on UI improvements so the game looks a little nicer than the first release. I’m particularly fond of the subtle CSS transition when you click on an incorrect colour. Little touches like this […]

  • Maintaining an open-source project

    William Shepherd

    This morning I read a short article on the maintainer of GitHub desktop, William Shepherd. For some reason, I kept seeing the article everywhere so eventually I surrendered to it. The post had a number of good points but the highlight for me was the advice to anyone maintaining an open-source project: Have a clear […]

  • I made a thing – Colour Game

    Colour Game Screenshot

    I made another thing in JavaScript as part of the course I’m doing. This time it’s a simple colour picker game. The code is still very rough but the app is effectivly working. If you want to see it in action you can play the current version. The idea of the game is the player […]

  • Commitment issues


    You’ve been spending plenty of time together. You’ve had your ups and downs. As time’s gone on you’ve realised you like the way things are going and it’s time to commit. Writing effective, communicative commit messages can make the world of difference to other members of your team. Just as with code comments or clear […]

  • Every team needs a beauty routine


    Over the years everyone will develop their own beauty routines when it comes to their individual coding. While it’s easy to become attached to how you like to format your code, in a team environment it’s really important to share the mirror with teammates. Having an agreed set of standards on how the code will […]

  • More on issues

    Iron man has Issues

    The more you understand an issue the better equipped you’ll be to solve it. When I was creating issues in GitHub for Score Keeper, something about the process felt a bit lacking. A developer needs specific details and the system wasn’t working to deliver them. Even the issues I’d submitted lacked the detail for someone […]

  • I made a thing – Score keeper

    2 out of 3 aint bad

    I’ve been doing a web development course for a few months and today I made my first thing that actually does something. Nothing amazing mind you, but it’s a start. Do you ever have the need to keep score in a best 2 out of 3 kind of way? Me neither, but here’s a web […]

  • Listen to your heart


    JavaScript is responsible for the behaviour of your website/app. At the heart of affecting the behaviour of the page is listening for user interaction events. These are things like button clicks, key presses and drags and drops. To do this, first we select an element then we add an event listener. To add an event […]


    Dramatic hamster

    Playing with the DOM is all about adding interactivity to your page. The DOM (Document Object Model) is the interface between your JavaScript and your HTML+CSS. The browser takes all the elements of your page and turns it into a JavaScript object. All the elements of the DOM for your page are contained in the […]